Blockshow Europe

BlockShow Europe 2018 brings together the global Blockchain community, as well as demonstrates multiple new cases for implementation and enhancement of the Blockchain technology. The conference is designed to provide an exclusive look into exciting projects and initiatives, as well as to keep introducing Blockchain to the World.

Designed specially for those who are planning to implement Blockchain in an existing business. Blockchain is not only about Fintech. Music, Supply Chains, Medicine, AI, Digital Identity and many more use cases will be discussed by experts in detail.

Top Blockchain experts around the globe claim 2018 to be the year of global Blockchain regulations, so there is no way BlockShow won’t raise this question at the main stage of the upcoming event. The greatest aspiration is to reach balance and fairness for the global Blockchain Law, and therefore to contribute to one of the main Blockchain topics of 2018.

The mission can only be achieved in collaboration with the brightest experts from the global Blockchain scene, including internationally recognized speakers who have decided to join the show in Berlin this May. Overall, 80 speakers from 50 countries will share their insights on BlockShow Europe 2018

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