Digiday AI Marketing Summit

Brands, meet AI
Artificial intelligence may seem light-years in the future, but smart brands are already focusing on creating practical, measurable consumer-facing applications with the technology.
The Digiday AI Marketing Summit will dive deep into how marketers can understand and use artificial intelligence and machine learning. Brand and agency leaders will share how they’re using this new technology for everything from shifting how media dollars are deployed, to customer service, to using AI for content curation.
Join the Digiday AI Marketing Summit this spring and explore how brands are taking advantage of these new opportunities, now and in the future.

The Summit features:

Meetings with buy-side executives:
The 8-Minute Meetings – affectionately referred to as “speed dating” by our regular attendees – pair buy- and sell-side attendees so that they can meet, discuss their needs and decide if they want to do business together. Before the summit, you will have the chance to pick which executives you want to meet with.

Small-scale events for high impact networking:
You will never struggle to connect with others at a Digiday summit. Summits are always between 100 and 300 participants to ensure communication is one-on-one, not one hundred-on-one. The proportion of buy-side to sell-side attendees at summits is 60:40, so the odds as a sell-side attendee are in your favor

Unparalleled attendee caliber buying power
Digiday buy-side attendees make the purchasing decisions around marketing tools and sofware that make their jobs easier. This collective power is worth millions – in some cases, billions.

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