ICO20 Summit

StartEngine ICO 2.0 Summit: The Path to Liquidity
Join The Explosive Marketplace: 2017: Over $6B ICO Raises, 2018: $2B ICO Raises
1,000 Attendees, 4 Keynote Speakers, 40+ Panelists, 20+ ICO Pitches, and 1 Beautiful Location
Keynote Speakers:
Patrick Byrne (Founder & CEO, tZero &
Tai Lopez (Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Forbes Top 20 Influencer)
Gil Penchina (Top Investor in Ripple, Filecoin, PayPal, Polychain and #1 Investor on Angel List)
Lou Kerner (Partner at

In addition to hearing from ICOs who are disrupting the largest industries, you will also have the opportunity to:
Network with top investors, advisors, and founders over an entire day, with catered breakfast and lunch that culminate in a legendary cocktail party by the ocean.
Learn actionable insights and how to leverage and market an ICO for your business
The Summit content will be curated to include the latest insights, trends, and forecasts which will empower you to stay ahead of the market by learning from experts.

Panel Topics will include:
– Structuring an ICO 2.0 A panel of leading securities attorneys discuss how one structures an ICO to meet state, U.S. and even international regulations.
– How to Market an ICO 2.0 Marketing is the key to a successful ICO. However, regulation will affect the manner in which ICOs can be marketed. The panel holds a frank discussion about advisors, promoters, bounty programs and more.
– Are ICOs Disrupting Venture Capital?: 2018 has started with a big bang, with over $1B raised through ICOs. Will ICOs disrupt traditional VC investors?
– The State of ICO Regulation The SEC has made itself clear regarding utility tokens. How will federal and state regulation affect the ICO market, promoters and exchanges?
– Path to Liquidity This panel composed of future regulated exchanges and ICO experts explains how regulated trading will work and how it will enable an even larger marketplace.
– Are Airdrops the Next ICO Model? What is an Airdrop, and what does the future of this financing structure look like?
– ICO Litigation & Enforcement Update Hear from former regulators and leading litigators about SEC subpoenas, plaintiff lawsuits and how ICOs can use rescissions to get past legal liabilities.
– Crypto Whale Investor Panel This panel of crypto whales, top investors with over $1B in crypto combined, will explore what they’re looking for in a regulated ICO.

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