Programmatic I/O

Adexchanger’s programmatic I/O conference in San Francisco — the original and world’s largest conference focused on programmatic media and marketing:
– 2 Impactful Days. Stay ahead of programmatic trends and connect with peers and industry partners you won’t meet anywhere else.
– 6 Tailored Agendas. Programmatic newcomers and experts find workshop content suited to their needs.
– 70+ Expert Speakers. Hear from innovators, industry leaders, researchers and analysts on both the buy and sell side of programmatic media and marketing.
– 50+ Compelling Sessions. Learn about the latest programmatic trends, issues and best practices in presentations, panel discussions, workshops and one-on-one talks.
– 1,200+Attendees. Meet programmatic professionals and executives from top brands, agencies, publishers, media companies and technology providers.
Programmatic Essentials Buy-Side Workshops
Explore the strategy of programmatic with a buy-side POV as leading edge thinkers bring to life key elements of programmatic media and how best to solve for the data-driven digital future of advertising and marketing.

Programmatic Essentials Sell-Side Workshops
The sell-side of programmatic has its own unique challenges and opportunities. Learn what matters most when putting together key strategic and tactical elements for a successful sell-side programmatic strategy.

Programmatic Ops Talks
Ready to get technical? The bubbling core of any programmatic ad strategy is rigorous operational strategy and the effective use of technology. If you are interested in refining your company’s “ops” excellence as it relates to programmatic – and getting much deeper into its technical aspects – this is for you.

Spotlight: Location & Apps
Take a deeper look at the opportunities with apps and see how the effective use of location can drive exciting new engagement with the customer given the power of today’s programmatic solutions.

Programmatic 101
New to the world of programmatic media? This three-hour Programmatic 101 workshop will get you up to speed on all the basics. Then join your peers in the afternoon in the track best aligned to your needs.

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