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Digital Advertising
is Plagued

Digital advertising market right now is in a pain and requires solution that will improve its efficiency saving billions of USD by making business relationships and payments reconciliation transparent to supply chain participants.

* Source: eMarketer, cnbc

«We have a media supply chain that is murky at best and fraudulent at worst. We need to clean it up, and invest the time and money we save into better advertising to drive growth.»

P&G Chief Brand Officer
Marc Pritchard

«I’ve never really come across anything in my career that has caused as much disturbance as the concern of advertisers about the money flows and the validity of the traffic they are buying.»

GroupM’s Chief Digital Officer
Rob Norman

«Vast changes in technology, the complex digital supply chain, and the proliferation of media outlets [have] provided agencies with additional opportunities to increase their profit margins beyond agency fees. This has led to disconcerting conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency.»

President and CEO of the ANA
Bob Liodice

«Programmatic doesn’t have to be problematic. That’s our starting point: everyone’s talking about transparency, but no one’s doing anything about it.»

CEO of The Marketing Group
Adam Graham

  • $6.5B
  • Reported as losses to Fraud
  • $140M
  • Cut by P&G budget for issues relating to brand safety
  • $0.30 of $1
  • On average only 30% of budget reaches the publisher due to an inefficient supply chain
  • 28%
  • Estimated as inefficiency in the supply chain

How the industry works today

Dubious middle-men take cuts of up to 60%this publisher is paid less than 40% of advertising budget$6Bis lost in fraudulent traffic each year Brand safety violationse.g. P&G cut $140M spendingdue to brand safety issuesReliable players struggle to prove their honesty AdvertiserPublisherAgencyAd platforms

So we’ve built our own blockchain platform

Meet Papyrus

universal blockchain platform specifically
designed to help solving these issues

Papyrus connects advertisers, publishers, agencies, advertising platforms and verifiers within Papyrus blockchain network to create trust, fairness and efficiency within digital advertising market.

Big data

Execution of smart
contracts based on
raw data with millions
of data points

Low costs
of transactions

Handling millions
of ad events per
second requires low


Advertisers can keep
ad campaign data private.
But expose aggregated
info about agencies,
ad networks and
publishers to establish
their reputation

Papyrus blockchain platform

is built with scalable architecture applicable for data
centric enterprise use cases


Channel Layer

  • Privacy management
  • Nodes to collect, store,
    aggregate & validate data
  • Dispute & payment resolutions

Blockchain Layer

fork of Ethereum

  • Privacy management
  • Delegated proof-of-stake
  • Lower transactional costs
  • Smart contracts

Public Ethereum network

Connecting platforms, not replacing them.
Delivering operational efficiency for participants.
Infrastructure layer that underpins the ecosystem.
Money-flow management.

Collect and validate large volumes of raw data from Ad Platforms, Publishers and Auditors for smart contracts executions.

Execute smart contracts based on validated data from the upper layer, while maintaining fast and low cost transactions because of the less dense blockchain network.

Connect to public blockchains enabling cross-blockchain value transfers.

Integrate with Ethereum dApps
and access to Ethereum wallets user base.

Pure unmitigated comparison

    • Type
    • Transactions throughput
    • Transaction cost
    • Smart contracts
    • Privacy management
    • Smart contracts for big data
    • Decentralization
    • Cross-blockchain value transfers


  • Public
  • 3-4 tx/sec
  • 20 USD+
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • High
  • No


  • Public
  • 10 tx/sec
  • ~1 USD+
  • Yes, Solidity
  • No
  • No
  • High
  • No


  • Permissioned
  • 10-300 tx/sec
  • Low
  • Yes, Chaincode
  • Only via private channels between nodes
  • No
  • Low
  • No


  • Hybrid
  • 1 mln/sec+ *
  • Low
  • Yes, Solidity
  • Yes
    private channels between nodes
  • Yes
  • High
  • Yes

* 1 mln/sec+ data points processed in Papyrus Channel Layer, 100 tx/sec+ in Papyrus Blockchain Layer

Papyrus benefits for advertisers


All payments within the supply chain are executed based on smart contracts and stored immutably within the blockchain with permissioned access for participants.

Manage budgets

Control spending by strict parameters that are adhered to and managed.

Brands can save up to 50%+

of marketing budget due to supply chain efficiency and transparency, fair service providers rewards

Most payment disputes can be handled automatically

further reducing operational costs.

Fraud reduction

Advertisers can put policies regarding ad fraud and brand safety verification into smart contracts and they will be automatically enforced before money leave the wallet*.

*Verification is performed by connected 3rd party verifiers

No one in the supply chain is incentivized to violate rules as there is no money paid in case of violation.

Benefits for the rest of participants
and Ad Platforms

Transparency creates trust and drives revenue

Participants prefer to work with honest players

Significant cost reduction for dispute resolution

Transparency creates trust and generates more revenue

Revenue growth up to 50%+ due to efficiency within the supply chain eliminating unnecessary and dubious intermediaries

Proof of quality ad inventory (no fraud, proper targeting) verified by history of smart-contracts

Improved user experience by enforcing ad quality verification rules using smart-contracts

Wider and more easily accessible market for verification services, improved efficiency
3rd party

Powerful infrastructure for data scalable decentralized applications compatible with EVM and supporting privacy management

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