Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem

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Papyrus Ecosystem

Papyrus is the world’s first fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising which radically improves programmatic advertising stack to provide efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment for users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application (dApp) developers using blockchain architecture.
Papyrus introduces decentralized real-time bidding protocol (dRTB) for ad buying.
Papyrus architecture consists of Ethereum smart contracts, scalability solutions to handle hundreds of billions of ad impressions daily and full stack of open source components for easy integration with traditional advertising platforms.
Challenges of Traditional Digital Advertising
  • Poor user experience
    Most of the digital ads on our screens are irrelevant. The rest are annoying. They are invasive, abuse our attention and rob us of time and concentration.
  • Lack of privacy
    An amazing array of technologies is deployed to track us and our behavior - all without our consent or compensation. User privacy is on a downward spiral as Internet of Things emerge.
  • Unreliable targetings
    Those who collect our data usually do not share what information they obtain and no entity is able to maintain a full and up to date user portrait.
  • Nothing is transparent
    Long, inefficient chains of intermediaries between advertisers and publishers. Many of the intermediaries do not bring value, but increase the cost of doing business.
  • Massive fraud
    Up to 70% of traffic which advertisers are paying for is non-human or fraudulent. Advertisers are forced to use third-party tools to fight fraud, which contributes greatly to costs.
  • High administrative costs
    The use of fiat currencies and traditional banks for all transactions creates a world of financial, legal and administrative bureaucracy that requires additional personnel and raise costs.
Papyrus Advantages

For Users

  • Controlled advertising
    Users are able to create precise policies to control what ads they see and what data they share with advertisers.
  • Comfortable Internet
    Advertisers have to focus on enhancing the user experience. No more inappropriate ads and malvertisements.
  • Sharing economy
    Users participate in fair sharing economy where they are instantly compensated for their data and responding to advertising.

For Publishers

  • Ad-based dApp economies
    Seamless merge of ad monetization and dApp value economies allow developers to build new generation dApps which utilize ad rewards.
  • Growth for dApps
    dApp developers can instantly promote their applications and token offerings using consolidated user base of existing dApps.
  • Higher revenues
    Even traditional web and mobile publishers can leverage benefits of instant payment settlements and additional advertising demand.

For Advertisers

  • High quality traffic
    Decentralized reputation and antifraud solutions within ecosystem protect advertisers from non-human and fraudulent traffic as well as ensure brand safety.
  • Complete transparency
    All advertising data is securely stored in blockchain and decentralized storages enabling traceability of all operations and eliminating fraud within intermediary chains of ad buying.
  • Low technology costs
    Transparent environment with real-time advertising payments significantly reduce technology costs comparing to complicated traditional adtech solutions.

Papyrus Roadmap

  • January 2017
    Idea of the Project
  • March 2017
    Initial Team Assembled
  • July 2017
    White Paper Realeased
  • October 2017
    Prototype, Token Pre‑Sale
  • 2017 Q4
    Integrations with ad market players, Token Sale Phase 1
  • 2018 H1
    Papyrus Protostar Release Testing
  • 2018 H2
    Papyrus Protostar Release
  • 2019 H1
    Papyrus Uprise Release
  • 2019 H2
    Papyrus Equilibrium Release
Response from Industry
  • Mikhail Fedorinin
    Mikhail Fedorinin
    Founder of Calltouch,
    leading call tracking solution in Russia
    Blockchain opens up a plethora of opportunities for different business sectors as it provides for true transparency in market. This is very relevant for advertising sphere. The use of blockchain technology will render the costs on the advertising market less chaotic and targeting more predictable. The Papyrus project was the first to actively apply blockchain technology in this unique way and I am sure that soon we will see its widespread acceptance by the market.
  • Nikolay Suvorov
    Nikolay Suvorov
    Head of Projects,
    OMD Resolution
    In my opinion, blockchain has great prospects for increasing transparency in advertising. However, its insufficient production experience, low speed and the lack of awareness among potential users greatly hamper its widespread adoption. The sooner these difficulties are overcome, the more actively market participants will invest in such projects. We will observe with interest the progress of the Papyrus project and consider possible cooperation.
  • Sergey Ershov
    Sergey Ershov
    Automatization Director, Publicis Media
    Papyrus is a brave visionary initiative capable of solving the problem of insufficient transparency in the digital ad industry and significantly decreasing the level of fraud. These are prerequisites for ad budget holders and large tech partners to adopt blockchain as the declared and actual objectives of these players are fully compliant with the goals stated by Papyrus.
  • Petr Abroskin
    Petr Abroskin
    Head of Performance Marketing,
    Unfortunately, the advertising market is full of stories about poor-quality traffic. We have to spend a lot of time and energy to bring unscrupulous partners to the surface, but the struggle with fraud feels like an uphill battle. Scammers always find new ways of cheating. The Papyrus team offers a disruptive way of combating fraud - leveraging blockchain technology. It has changed the financial market and it is likely to change the advertising industry as well. I believe in the team and I hope they succeed.
Our team
  • Alexander Shvets
    Product Director
  • Leo Eletskikh
    Technology Evangelist
  • Elena Obukhova
    Communications Director
  • Tanya Krishtopa
    Product Manager
  • Thomas Hulbert
    Ecosystem Evangelist
  • Andrey Vlasenko
    Lead Software Engineer
  • Alexander Kholodov
    Lead Software Engineer
  • Alexander Telegin
    Mobile Software Engineer
  • Igor Sokolov
    Block-chain Engineer
  • Andrey Lyubimov
    Research & Analytics
  • Aleksei Pupyshev
    Mobile Software Engineer
  • Vitaly Bubyakin
    Frontend Developer
  • Vyacheslav Trofimov
    Frontend Developer
  • Liza Solyanina
    Graphic Designer
  • Ekaterina Bezverkhaya
    Web and Graphic Designer
  • Shamil Valishev
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Mike Costache
    Strategy Advisor
    Founder of Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC), Co-Chair of d10e
  • Brad Yasar
    Strategy Advisor
    Co-founder & managing partner at KrowdMentor
  • Dmitry Lee
    Technical Advisor
    Solution Architect at Netcracker
  • Mikhail Fedorinin
    Operations Advisor
    Founder of Calltouch
  • Tim Brown
    Business Development Advisor
    Global Agency Strategy and Partnerships at SAP
  • Marissa Kim
    Legal Advisor

    Partner at ARK ICO Advisors
  • Alexander Shishow
    Technical Advisor

    CEO BotScanner


  • Krowd Mentor
  • Wings
  • D10
  • What is Papyrus?
    Papyrus is a highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for programmatic digital advertising. Papyrus mission is to unite users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application developers to provide totally transparent, fair and efficient advertising value distribution.
  • What is PPR?
    PPR is a utility token based on the Ethereum technology that is used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, developers and users in the Papyrus ecosystem.
  • Why do we need Papyrus?
    With Papyrus, users will be able to control what ads they see and what data they share with advertisers. There will be no abusive ads and malvertisements. Most importantly, users will be instantly rewarded for sharing their data and responding to advertising. Advertisers and publishers will also take advantage of the decentralized, transparent and traceable advertising ecosystem.
  • What is Papyrus organizational structure?
    Papyrus will have a form of blockchain based global decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), governed by token-holders and developed by the Papyrus Foundation.
  • Who is the team?
    We are a team of experts with strong backgrounds in building and scaling successful businesses in both advertising and blockchain technologies. The core product development team consists of 12 people. The team is constantly growing. You can learn more about each team member here.
  • How can I get in touch with you?
    You can use feedback form, drop us an email at, join our Slack channel, or follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, BTT or Reddit.
  • Are you legal compliant?
    From the beginning, we work with great lawyers to keep us focused on staying out of trouble and help us navigate the regulatory landscape.
  • Will there be an initial PPR token sale?
    Yes. It will consist of several phases:
    • private and public pre-sale in the autumn 2017 for early investors and supporters of the project;
    • public token sale phase 1, which will happen in the autumn 2017 after Papyrus prototype is ready;
    • private token sale phase 2 for accredited adtech companies, which will happen not earlier than in 2019 after Papyrus ecosystem get substantial traction on the advertising market.
  • Who can participate?
    Everybody can participate in public token sales if legal compliance is mets. Terms and conditions will be published upfront. As for the private pre-sale, there will be a minimum deposit requirement as well as KYC procedure.
  • What are the pre-sale terms and conditions?
    Terms and conditions will be available before pre-sale starts. Stay tuned.
  • What is the pre-sale cap limit?
    Cap limits will be announced before pre-sale starts. Stay tuned.
  • Will the tokens be listed on any exchange?
    Yes, currently we are in a process of PPR token listing discussions with several major exchanges. Tokens will become transferrable and listed on exchanges after public token sale phase 1.
  • How blockchain disrupts the digital ad market
    How blockchain disrupts the digital ad market
    Watch the video and learn how Papyrus will change the global digital advertising landscape!
  • Papyrus is going worldwide
    Papyrus is going worldwide
    Dmitry Lee talks about our ecosystem at Blockmoon 17 in Belgrade


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